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Care for Brugmansia in Temperate Regions
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Summer (After Danger of Frost)

Pot the Brugmansia in a large container
(14" is sufficient) using a lightweight soil
mixture. Water regularly and feed once
per week with a soluble fertilizer such as
Miracle Gro, per package directions or
up to double that amount. Alternatively,
use a slow-release fertilizer, such as
Osmocote. Your plant will need watering
every day in hot weather. Ensure that
the pot has good drainage as the plant
should not become water-logged.

Brugmansia go through an "upright"
growth phase, then begin to branch.
Flowers will develop at the nodes of the
branches. Blooms tend to come in
flushes, drop off, then the cycle repeats


Allow a frost to kill the leaves so that they drop (prevents a mess later on). Cut back the plant by one-third and store it in a cool place where it will not freeze. Water only enough to keep it from 
becoming dried out. Don't fertilize. The plant will re-grow some shoots, but will go into a state of dormancy. It should be kept cool (cellar temp), and does not need light.

You may produce new plants by placing the pruned branches in water (1/2 way), then transferring 
them to soil when new roots are just visible.


After frost danger passes, prune the plant by another third to produce a healthy point for new growth. Begin the water and feeding regimen again. These cuttings may be rooted as above.

©Rich Sanders 1999-2003



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