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Brugmansia suaveolens  
"Old-fashioned Angels Trumpet"
A highly-fragrant variety that is perfect for the moon garden. 
This variety was one of the first to gain popularity in Europe,
becoming especially so during the Victorian era.

Brugmansia versicolor x suaveolens
This hybrid was produced by Rich Sanders at the 
University of Connecticut EEB Greenhouse. It has 
intermediate characteristics between the Brugmansia 
shown above (the mother plant) and B. versicolor 
'apricot peach' (pollen source). White is the dominant color 
for hybrids when crossing these species of brugs.


Brugmansia x insignis 'Pink' in foreground with B. x candida
'double white' in background. The "x insignis" hybrids are
formed by producing the versicolor x suaveolens cross as above, 
then backcrossing with suaveolens to emphasize its character 
traits. "x candida" is produced by crossing B. versicolor with 
B. aurea. Of all the Brugmansia types, x candida is the 
most abundant producer of double/multiple flowers.

"Opening Night" ... A x insignis 'Frosty Pink', flower 
that has just opened. As a result, the trumpet has 
just barely started to show its pink hue.


Brugmansia sanguinea has one of the most striking flower displays of the entire genus. 
Unfortunately, it also has very exacting growing requirements of warm days and cool nights - 
an indication that it comes from the high Andes. This particular plant was grown from seed 
collected in Tulcan, Ecuador by the UCONN EEB greenhouse staff. After five years, these 
flowers are the first to be produced. Although its flowers have no scent, Brugmansia sanguinea 
is a real treasure - growers in the coastal Pacific region of the United States have the envy 
of the rest of us in this country!

©Rich Sanders 1999-2004



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