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Thank you for your interest in registering a Brugmansia cultivar with the American Brugmansia and Datura Society, Inc. (ABADS).  Registration assists with the orderly management of the ever-growing number of cultivar names world-wide, and is aimed at reducing opportunities for misuse, misapplication, duplication, loss and confusion of names.  Hence it assists the protection of breeders, growers, distributors, collectors, home gardeners, and authors from embarrassment and inconvenience caused by misnaming the plants you have worked hard to create and select. ABADS is designated in the 2004 edition of the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants [the 2004 Code] as the official International Cultivar Registration Authority [ICRA} for Brugmansia and Datura (Solanaceae).  This role was delegated to ABADS by the International Society for Horticultural Science [ISHS] in 2002.  In accordance with the 2004 Code, acceptance of a Brugmansia cultivar name by ABADS does not imply judgment on the distinctness of a cultivar nor its horticultural merit.  ABADS does not therefore seek to reject applications on the basis of subjective judgments of the quality of the plant or its name.  ABADS will only reject applications that transgress the 2004 Code or fail to meet the basic requirements of the registration process.  We do however urge self-regulation to encourage the submission for registration of only cultivars that demonstrate a real improvement over existing cultivars, or at least over those available within a particular country or region defined by quarantine barriers. Establishment of a cultivar name in perpetuity is effected by valid publication, not by registration as such. From the ISHS page, ‘How to name a new cultivar’, ‘What do I do with my new name?’

"Publication of your new name must be in printed or similarly duplicated matter which is distributed to the general public or at least to botanical, agricultural, forestry or horticultural institutions with libraries. Newspapers, gardening or non-scientific magazines and similar publications which are not designed to last do not count as publications in this case. Publication on the World Wide Web or on CD-ROM does not count as publication since the pages are not permanent.”

ABADS therefore undertakes to publish names of new cultivars that have been accepted into the Register, in a form that complies with the requirements for validity specified in the 2004 Code, in our biannual journal, The Trumpeter.

The following form is a condensed version of our full application form.  It includes the minimum requirements for registration, and must be completed in its entirety.  We strongly encourage all participants to additionally complete our full application form.  While the full application form may be perceived as complex by some, the value of providing this level of information lies in its use to facilitate identification of plants that have lost their names, as well as to assist people in their choice of plant.  The more information there is available about a cultivar, the more likely the plant is to be matched with its name if they get separated. ABADS has also developed a classification of cultivars with the aim of assisting breeders to select cultivars for use in their programs, and the provision of certain information enables your cultivar to be correctly classified. ABADS offers assistance to those who may encounter difficulties in completing either registration form.  For assistance, please contact ABADS registrar at  

Registration and publication of the Cultivar you have created or discovered establishes its international recognition in perpetuity, so it is worth approaching this thoroughly.   If you are proud of your cultivar, no doubt you won’t mind!  We look forward to seeing your new cultivar registered!

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