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Measure peduncle Peduncle: A botanical term used to describe the stalk of a single flower

Measured from the peduncle attachment to mother stem,
to attachment to calyx
Measure flower

Flower measurement should begin at the peduncle attachment 
to the calyx, and end at the edge of the corolla

Measured to the bottom edge of corolla.
This flower is 15 inches long
Measure corolla tooth (points) Measure calyx
The outer part of a flower, usually small and green but sometimes showy and brightly colored; it is formed from the sepals and encloses the petals in a bud.

tip of corolla tooth to corolla edge

 Calyx measurement should begin at the peduncle 
attachment to the calyx, and end at the tip of calyx tooth
Calyx splits

1 split in calyx

2 or more splits in calyx
Anthers fused or free?  Anther: The part of a stamen that produces pollen, usually located at the end of a thin stalk in the center of a flower.

Anthers fused

Anthers free
Corolla edge Corolla: The usually conspicuous part of a flower, called the petals. They are  contained within the calyx and immediately surround the stamens and pistil.

corolla edge no recurve
does not curve back on itself

corolla edge recurved

corolla edge always smooth and straight

corolla edge ruffled
Flower position




Flower forms



More than one skirt
flore plena (f.p.)

Flower shapes


corolla shape trumpet

corolla shape intermediate trumpet-funnel

corolla shape tube
Space or no space?
Calyx space.jpg (51283 bytes)
Space between calyx and corolla
Corolla neck does not fill the calyx
Calyx nospace.jpg (32152 bytes)
No space between calyx and corolla
Calyx is stuffed full
Leaves can be any combination of margins and textures. These are just a few examples.
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