White Soft Bodied Mites
Another common pest to Brugmansia, is the soft bodied white mite. You will need a x10 microscope to spot this tiny insect. Because you can not see these mites with the naked eye, it is easy to mistake the damage they cause (such as deformed and brittle new growth) as virus symptoms.
Many of the new cvs imported to the US are extremely susceptible to these white mites. Variegated cvs and sanguineas are also highly susceptible. Heavy infestations of any and all kinds of mites can be a "real life" nightmare to get rid of!  Experiment with Miticides or you might try Diazinon + Ortox Oil spray which is inexpensive and effective in less severe cases. 

Avid is without a doubt the most effective miticide available on the market today, When used properly, mite populations disappear after just 3 applications.  Many growers eliminate mites with just one application.

Normally, AVID cannot be purchased without a government license. 

Helpful Links: http://www.gardenforum.demon.co.uk/whitefly.htm


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