Insects & Pests

Natural Pesticides
Never use homemade remedies that contain
Tobacco Products on Brugmansia and Datura!

Be cautious with homemade remedies that 
contain sugar. Sugar attracts ants which 
contribute to Aphid infestations.

Plants that attract Beneficial Insects


If you choose to use chemicals to rid your plants of insects, read the label first. Some chemicals such as Cygon clearly state "DO NOT use on any ornamental stock plants grown as a source of propagation material, such as cuttings, layers, root stocks or scions for grafting or budding. DO NOT use in spray mixtures containing oil."

If you are experimenting with chemicals, start out with the lowest dosage.
Some chemicals can cause bleached out spots on the brug leaves if the mixture is too strong.
Test a leaf before you spray the whole plant.

Insects should be kept at bay to the best of your abilities.

It is best to destroy heavily infested plants! Place the entire plant in a plastic trash bag, tie it up tightly and send it to the dump. Or have a bon fire!


Spider Mites

White Mites





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