Insects & Pests on Brugmansia
Good & Bad

Monarch Caterpillar
State Insect for Texas & Alabama


Leaf damage, 2 cuts and a rolled leaf


Inside leaf

Worm in a web

Canker Worm (Inch Worm)

Army Worm

Army Worm


Hover fly



Tachinid Fly



Yellow eggs


Long Legged Fly

Leaf hopper

Japanese Beetle leaf damage and droppings

Fire Beetle (also called Click Beetle)
parents of wire worms


Plant bug





Slug Tennessee

Slug North Carolina

Slug Maine



Praying Mantid
State Insect for Connecticut

Lady Beetle   
State Insect for Tennessee,
Massachusetts & Ohio


=Golden Tortoise Beetle


Firefly  (Lightning Bug)  
State Insect for Pennsylvania, Tennessee




Plant bug nymph

Scarlet and green Leafhopper



Two Lined Spittle Bug
Spittle Bugs spread Leaf Curl disease



Crab spider


Daddy Longlegs

Daddy Longlegs


The black spider ran away



White Fly


Spider mites





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