Applicant information: required Hybridizer information: required
First Name: First Name:
Last Name: Last Name:
Street Address: Country:
Postal Code/Zip Code:
Country: Discoverer information: required
First Name:
Seedling Parent information: Last Name:
First Name: Discoverer lives in what Country?:
Last Name: Discovered Brugmansia in what Country?:
Applicant Signature: required  ________________________      
Date: required  ____________
Cultivar Information
Cultivar Name: required ________________________
Does this Cultivar still exist?: 
(circle one) required yes   no
Pod Parent Mother:
Species:  (circle one) required
-B. arborea
-B. aurea
(aurea x aurea)
-B. aurea hybrid
-B. insignis (
suaveolens x versicolor) x suaveolens) (insignis x insignis)
B. insignis hybrid
B. sanguinea (sanguinea x sanguinea)
-B. suaveolens
(suaveolens x suaveolens)
-B. suaveolens hybrid 
-B. versicolor
(versicolor x versicolor)
-B. versicolor hybrid

B. vulcanicola (vulcanicola x vulcanicola)
B. vulcanicola hybrid
-B. x candida
(aurea x versicolor) (versicolor x aurea)
(x candida x x candida) (aurea x x candida) ( x candida x aurea) ( versicolor x x candida) ( x candida x versicolor) 
-B. x flava (sanguinea x arborea) (flava x flava)
B. hybrid (a mix of 3 or more species)
Pollen Parent Father:
If a sport, name of the parent plant: required
Was this new seedling or sport evaluated for 2 years or more?:
(circle one) yes   no
Was this new seedling or sport evaluated for 1 year or less?:
(circle one) yes   no
Was the original plant (seedling or sport) propagated?: required  
(circle one)
yes   no

Did the cuttings produce plants 100% true to the original plant
(seedling or sport) in all characteristics?
required (circle one) yes   no
Year released/introduced: required
Email or Snail-mail picture to the country you register through required


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