Flower Description  examples Foliage Information  examples
Flower color description:
Summer color(s):
Winter color(s):
Visabone Color Chart # :
RHS Color Chart # :

Flowering habit:  (circle one)
heavy   average   few flowers

Flower shape: (circle one)

Flower form: (circle one) required
-more than one form on same tree (describe)

Flower position: (circle one)
upright   horizontal   nodding   pendant

Peduncle length:

Flower length:

Corolla edge: (circle one) smooth   ruffled

Corolla recurve: (circle one) yes   no

Corolla texture:  (circle one) thin   thick   waxy

Length of corolla teeth:

Anthers: (circle one) fused   free

Pollen:  (circle one) abundant   very little   none

Fragrance: (circle one)
none    slight    average   intense

Calyx length:

Calyx split: (circle one) one time   2-4   more

Space between calyx and corolla:
(circle one)
yes   no

Leaf shape: (circle one) ovate   elongated

Largest leaf width:

Largest leaf length:

Leaf margin: (circle one)
-entire (smooth leaf edge)
-wavy or ruffled leaf edge
-scalloped leaf edge
-incised (deeply cut points on leaf edge)
-serrate (points on leaf edge)

Leaf texture: (mark all that apply below)

Surface: puckered   smooth

-pubescent (fine silky)
-bristly (stiff)
-barely noticeable

Sheen: dull   semi-glossy

Growth Characteristics
Growth rate:  (circle one) slow   average   robust
Growth habit:
(circle one) short tree   tall tree
Root system:
(circle one) strong   average   weak
  (circle one) easy   slightly difficult   difficult
Environmental tolerances: (mark all that apply)
-pest resistant
-disease resistant
-tolerates full sun
-tolerates full shade
-tolerates heat
-tolerates cold
-needs protection from wind
Does this seedling resemble another known cultivar?:  (circle one) yes   no

What distinguishes this seedling from other known cultivars?:

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