American Brugmansia & Datura Society, Inc.

Vacancy Announcements


The following positions are open to all members who have been a member in good standing with ABADS, for at least six months: send your qualification(s) to or postal mail to ABADS, 325 Apple Dr., Crestview, FL 32536 USA. 

Secretary: Falls under the guidance of the VP-Administration.
Responsible for maintaining an up to date membership list, including join date and email and snail mail addresses, using MS Excel and sending out a monthly update to the Board of Directors.

Responsible for e-mail reminder notices for membership renewal one month in advance with a BCC each month to the Forum admin. Those without e-mail will be sent a post card to their physical address. Responsible for sending out a welcome letter to new members as notification is received from the treasurer.

Responsible for assigning or responding to e-mails received from the public via our box with BCC’s to President and forum admin (for the purpose of adding the Q &A to the forum the guests can see)

Prepares monthly meeting agenda for the Board of Directors & distributes prior to meetings. Attends and takes notes at monthly Board Meetings and quarterly Coordinators meetings on MSN Messenger. Types the minutes of this and other meetings in the format already established using MS Word and emails them to the directors within a one week of the meeting.

Assists in other projects throughout the year.

Skills/Programs/ Knowledge
Must have a reliable e-mail server and knowledge of e-mail use, including how to BCC and use of a spell check.
Must have & know how to use: Excel, MS Word, MS Messenger, Adobe Acrobat

Public Relations:
Falls under the guidance of the VP – Administration

Responsible for promoting ABADS through communication with various gardening magazines, horticulture societies, and universities and other such avenues.

Contacts different companies that produce items that are beneficial to growing Brugmansias or Daturas and sees if they would like to sponsor a controlled study.

Promotes different ABADS contests.

Assists the Editor in gathering articles for The Trumpeter.

Contacts nurseries/seed companies to educate about the correct name for Brugmansia/Datura when listed incorrectly on/in their websites/ catalogs.

Sends our new logo to those companies displaying our old one.

Attends quarterly Coordinators’ Meeting via MSN Messenger


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