Brugmansia x candida Persoon

x candida (kan-DEED-a) 
Found in elevations to 7000' South America, Mexico and Caribbean Islands

B. x candida Pers. (Synonym: Datura x candida (Pers.) Saff.). A hybrid cross between B. aurea and
B. versicolor growing 10-20 ft. Young stems, leaves, and calyx are fuzzy. Leaves are oval or elliptic in
shape with smooth or toothed edges. Flowers are usually 10-12 inches long and pendulous. The calyx
is spathe-like and about half as long as the corolla. The corolla is usually white, rarely yellow or pink,
and fills the inner circumference of the calyx at the point of its emergence. The corolla flares at the
mouth with recurved teeth that range from 2.5-4.5 inches long. Fruits, 5-6 inches long, can vary in form
from egg-shaped to fusiform.

Rich Sanders Identification Chart

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Brugmansia x candida =  aurea x versicolor     versicolor x aurea     x candida x x candida     
aurea x x candida     x candida x aurea    versicolor x x candida     x candida x versicolor

Tolerates many different environmental growing conditions candida means snow white x candida and suaveolens are the most dependable for producing many flowers
fruits are many shapes
Most likely to produce doubles and more

Normally only crosses with B. insignis, B. suaveolens, B. versicolor, B. x candida and B. aurea

Copy_of_CARM.jpg (52122 bytes)

B. x candida f.p. 'Carmen' ®
Hybridizer: Monika Gottschalk Germany 2002
Seedling Parent: Ingrid Wolf Germany
Parentage: B. x c. f.p. 'Carmela' x B. x c. 'Rubirosa'


 'Sun Angel'
Hybridizer: Anne Kirchner-Abel Germany 


 Common double white


 Common single white
Brugmansia x candida 'Rubirosa' ®
Hybridizer: Monika Gottschalk Germany 2001
Parentage: B. v. 'Ecuador Pink' x B. a. 'Rothkirch'


Single White CSWSFseed_pods_081.jpg (57450 bytes)

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