Brugmansia 'Kyle's Pink'

Tennessee Environment
September 12, 2003 6:38 PM
Temp 80*F
Feels Like 81*F
Humidity 52%
Visibility unlimited
Pressure 30.04 and steady
Wind variable 3mph
kyles pink.jpg (42993 bytes) kyles_pink_anthers.jpg (13824 bytes)
Anthers not fused 
kyles pink calyx.jpg (29812 bytes)
Calyx has one split 
and is 14.5 inches long or 36.83cm
kyles_pink_corolla_edge.jpg (32219 bytes)
Corolla edge is smooth
kyles_pink_length.jpg (36301 bytes)
Length 22 inches or 55.88cm 
kyles_pink_width.jpg (31912 bytes)
Width 7 inches or 17.78cm 
sfKylespink.jpg (71741 bytes) 
Named after Eric's son

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