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This old propagation method is ideal for producing big plants. It can also be used on those hard to propagate plants by applying the air layer to mature wood (½" or thicker). Because wind and rain might break smaller stems before the new root system is ready, a stiff tutor is used for support.

Twenty-four hours before removing the new rooted plant from the mother plant, it is strongly 
suggested to spray the leaves of the new plant with any anti-transpirant. If you do not have anti-transpirant on hand, mix 3 ozs sugar with 1 qt water, shake until dissolved and spray the leaves. 
This will prevent the new plant from losing too much water during the removal process. 
Water loss causes wilting and leaf loss. As soon as your plant shows

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Another Air Layer Method
(for smaller diameter woods)
The Complete Book of Plant Propagation
by Graham Clarke (ISBN: 0706370791)
Ward Lock Ltd, (May 1992)
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  1. With a knife, make a small cut in the surface of a plant stem.
  2. Brush some rooting hormone on the new cut.
  3. Insert a flat book match or a toothpick in the cut to keep it slightly open.
  4. Wrap the cut with moist sphagnum moss and cover the moss with plastic wrap. Tie the bottom and top of the plastic with twist ties. 
    (Use rubber gloves when handling the sphagnum moss.)

    In six to eight weeks, roots will have developed. Cut the stem below the new roots. Make a hole in a pot filled with soil, set the plant in the hole and firm the soil around the new plant.
You can also air layer by simply wrapping damp sphagnum moss around the stem (no cuts) and cover it with plastic so the moisture is retained. This works best on cuttings that have the rough bumpy texture.

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