Brugmansia sanguinea

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White Flame
sanguinea (san-GWIN-ee-a) - Andes (10,000-12,000 ft), north central Colombia to north Chile

B. sanguinea (Ruiz. & Pav.) D. Don. A small tree which reaches to 35 ft. having softly-hairy leaves,
young stems, and calyx. Leaves on young plants are coarsely-toothed, while those on mature plants are
nearly smooth-edged. Flowers are generally 8-10 inches long. The calyx has 2 to 5 teeth and remains
attached as the fruit develops. The corolla is typically red at the mouth, becoming yellow and then
yellowish-green moving toward the base. The flower is tubular in shape and does not flare to a large
degree. The corolla teeth, recurved to strongly reflexed, are less than 1 inch long. The fruit is egg-
shaped and 3-5 inches long. Other color forms are common.

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