Brugmansia Guidelines for Hybridizers, Seedling Parents and Evaluators

These Guidelines are based on the experiences of the American Brugmansia community over the last 7 years.

1. Hybridizers and Seedling Parents, make sure growers understand that you are sharing cuttings of your seedlings for evaluation purposes only.

2. Growers if you receive a cutting to evaluate please guard it with your life. Please understand that you are not free to trade it, sell it, or use it for hybridizing purposes until the hybridizer releases it.
The evaluator must keep the hybridizer informed about the growth and flowering habits of a seedling/cutting when grown in the evaluator’s environment.

3. Hybridizers and Seedling Parents, Grow your new seedling for at least a year before you distribute it to others for further trials and evaluations. How does it perform in your own environment through every season? This will save you from the embarrassment of distributing poor quality and look-alike seedlings.

4. The number one problem in the Brugmansia community is the naming of seedlings before they have been properly evaluated. Please do not broadcast news of a new seedling to the public using a proper name and call it a working name. At the rate the Americans alone are hybridizing we face horrible nightmares to keep working names and official names straight.
Instead of using proper names please give your seedlings a special code number or series of letters that make sense to you only ... anything but an actual name.
Take a look at the USA sites that have Brugmansia galleries. How many were quickly named and introduced but died before evaluation was complete? How many were quickly named but never trialed and now we know them as poor performers? How many were quickly named and are look-alikes? How many of these new quickly named Brugmansia are already forgotten? Those names are not officially ICRA registered names and they are free for other people to use if they want to. But few people will choose a used name. That name is forever wasted... forever forgotten. Please do not waste names!

5. Hybridizers and Seedling Parents, It is not a requirement that you distribute the seedling to others for evaluation purposes. As long as you personally properly evaluated it and several cuttings proved true to parent that’s all you really need.
If you choose to have a seedling evaluated by others it is not necessary that you distribute cuttings to more than 2 or 3 people. You’ll have better control over a few. Distributing a few cuttings to others is not necessary for evaluation purposes but knowing it performs well in all environments is icing on the cake!

6. If the seedling performs poorly in certain climates the hybridizer may decide not to release it. You might be requested to keep the seedling to yourself and to not distribute it. How the hybridizer wants to handle the properly trialed new seedling no matter if it passes or fails evaluations is up to the hybridizer.
Serious Hybridizers and Seedling Parents will want to be associated with quality new cultivars not a quantity of forgettable poor performers and look-alikes.

7. Hybridizers if you share cuttings or seeds that are valuable or sentimental to you in any way, please make sure the growers understand how special they are. Ask the seedling parents to please contact you before they destroy your plants.
Seedling Parents have the right to destroy undesirable seedlings without your permission.

8. Seedling Parents, it is not wise to quickly judge those first flowers. Please do not be in a hurry to destroy seedlings. It can take as long as 2 years before the true flowers show themselves.

9. Seed recipients should keep in touch with the hybridizers (when known) and give the hybridizers public credit at all times.
Do not feel obligated to keep in touch with businesses that sell the seeds unless they ask you to keep in touch. In cases of purchased seeds and/or unknown hybridizers, Seedling Parents will be treated as if they are the hybridizer. They may give their permission to release and register new cultivars. But Seedling Parents shall not be publicly credited as the hybridizer.

10. Hybridizers please be considerate of the Seedling Parents and the Evaluators of your seeds. Give them credit for growing out and evaluating the seedlings. A lot of time, work and expense is involved and they deserve recognition for their efforts!

11. Please do not ask for cuttings of new seedlings that have not been released yet. It puts the hybridizer, the seedling parent and the evaluator in an awkward and uncomfortable position. Sometimes hybridizers do not want to share with the world. They don’t want to sound mean or make anyone feel bad when they have to say no.

12. If we don't want the public involved in our personal hybridizing business then we should keep it out of the public’s view.

13. If you do not feel comfortable dealing with requests for your new seedling please make it clear to others from the very beginning that it’s not available at this time.

14. Released means the hybridizer gives their permission to freely distribute the seedling. Anyone who wants to can grow, sell, trade and hybridize that seedling.
The grower is released from all obligations to the hybridizer other than giving them public credit at all times.

15. Seedling Parents please do not use someone else’s unreleased seedling for hybridizing purposes without the hybridizer’s permission.

15. Anyone is allowed to register a name with the hybridizer’s consent.

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