Brugmansia Comparisons

top row left-right-   Isabella,   Frosty Pink,   Rosamond
bottom row left-right-   Pink Favorite,   90-95,   Pink Beauty


Pink Beauty and Ecuador Pink

top -   insignis Pink 
bottom -   Frosty Pink


top -   Ecuador Pink 
bottom -   x candida Pink

left to right -   Isabella x Butterfly #2,   versicolor Peach x Butterfly #1,   
E14 unknown,   Isabella x Butterfly #15,   Isabella,   insignis Pink

Top clockwise -   Isabella,   Isabella x Butterfly #15,   
versicolor Peach x Butterfly #1,   insignis Pink,   E14 unknown,   Isabella x Butterfly #2


left to right -   Golfito,   Rosea,   Frosty Pink

Amarillo Paja and Kurpark Bad Salzschlirf


left to right -   Spring Peach,   Island Girl,   versicolor Orange,   Cuba

left to right -   Charles Grimaldi,   Solid Gold,   Gypsy Queen, 
Georgia Peach,   Janet Reno



Pink vulcanicola (sanguinea hybrid) and x flava Mobisu

Herzensbruecke and Mittagssonne



Super Nova is huge and Mercury is tiny!
Environmental Differences



Golden Lady


Believed to be the same Brugmansia
Grand Marnier Pink



B. versicolor 'Peaches & Cream'
elongated pubescent leaves, evenly striped buds

Color ranges white and various shades of peach or pale orange

B. suaveolens variegata
short, leaves are ovate to somewhat elongate, stiff, puckered with no hair
Variegation is greens, gray greens and white, no yellows. 

Flowers are white, horizontal to nodding, nicely ruffled 
and very different from common suaveolens flowers.

B. 'Snowbank'

Klerx variegata
The flower pictured is not a normal 5 point flower.
Not every flower on the plant looks like this!
This particular flower has at least 7 corolla teeth (points).
More than 5 points is common with the suaveolens species and its crosses.

variegata 'Sunset'

Color ranges white, yellows, golds and oranges

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