Brugmansia Anatomy

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3 or more splits in calyx

1 split in calyx

Seed pods

Copy_of_fruit_shape_egg.jpg (35802 bytes)
seed pod egg shape
Copy_of_fruit_shape_spindle.jpg (121559 bytes)
seed pod spindle shapes


fkIsabella__Fall___Inside.jpg (41640 bytes)
Anthers fused

Anthers fused

Inside the flower

flowerweb.jpg (116487 bytes) flowerweb001.jpg (50008 bytes)



5anthers.jpg (70056 bytes)


singleanther.jpg (94582 bytes)


Dry Pollen




inside_aureapinkformovary.jpg (51428 bytes)
aurea Pink Form


insideovary.jpg (50534 bytes)
inside ovary aurea Pink Form


1mayainsidecalyx.jpg (66415 bytes)
inside corolla


1mayainsidecalyxclose.jpg (60537 bytes)

1mayainsideanthers.jpg (66141 bytes)
pollen bearing anthers


1mayainsidecalyxcloseoff.jpg (86613 bytes)


1mayapistil.jpg (56472 bytes)

1mayainsidecalyxloose.jpg (75919 bytes)
calyx hanging loose from corolla neck


1mayainsidecalyxoff.jpg (80408 bytes)
calyx B. Maya


1mayaovary.jpg (45059 bytes)


1mayastyle.jpg (88862 bytes)
Don't look! I'm naked!



Mature leaf from non-flowering vegetative region Asymmetrical leaf from flowering region

Corolla edge

Copy of corolla edge no recurve.jpg (25340 bytes)
corolla edge no recurve
Copy of corolla edge recurved.jpg (45503 bytes)
corolla edge recurved
Copy_of_corolla_edge_ruffled.jpg (69417 bytes)
corolla edge ruffled
Copy_of_corolla_edge_smooth.jpg (39027 bytes)
corolla edge smooth

Flower position

Copy_of_flower_position_pendant.jpg (75589 bytes)
corolla position pendant
Copy_of_flower_position_horizontal.jpg (68363 bytes)
corolla position horizontal
Copy_of_flower_position_nodding.jpg (49144 bytes)
corolla position nodding
Copy_of_flower_position_upright.jpg (80182 bytes)
corolla position upright

Flower form

shredcrop.jpg (31764 bytes)
heartbeat_crop.jpg (41911 bytes)

Flower shape

Copy_of_flower_shape_funnel.jpg (94118 bytes)

corolla shape funnel

Copy_of_flower_shape_intermediate_trumpet-funnel.jpg (75762 bytes)
corolla shape intermediate trumpet-funnel
Copy_of_flower_shape_trumpet.jpg (92900 bytes)
corolla shape trumpet
Copy_of_flower_shape_tube.jpg (53111 bytes)
corolla shape tube

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